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daren & curtis

UI/UX, Game design


Project info:

I want to share with you the some UI/UX and Game design for the past years 2018-2023.

In cooperation with the advertising agency daren & curtis:

CEO & Executive Director - Jakub Čech, Operations Director - Katarína Hudecová, Creative Director - Michal Salva, Key Account Director - Ľubomíra Hudákova / Adam Meszároš, Account managers - Annamária Vančová, Ondrej Ďurčát, Tomáš Hrašna, Valentína Čierna

for more informations www.darencurtis.sk

HB Reavis - Investičný realitný fond [2023]

I worked on the design of a presentation website with the main goal of acquiring investment inquiries from clients. Additionally, the website was based on a new sub-brand identity that I also designed. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Evidei [2023]

I was responsible for crafting the user experience and designing the user interface for both mobile and desktop applications used in asset inventory. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Chateau Révay [2021]

I crafted the design and branding for this apartment complex, which encompassed not just the website but also the overall identity, with the primary goal of facilitating sales and generating inquiries. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Envisys [2023]

I designed the website for Envisys, a company specialized in waste management. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Kuchyňa Lidla [2019]

I designed a culinary recipe website with a focus on optimizing its mobile version for seamless browsing and accessibility. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Hladoši Lidl [2022]

I conceptualized three games for Lidl's CSR activity, fully designing one of them. I worked on the graphic user interface and user experience. Created in agency daren & curtis.


WGO - draft [2023]

I designed an e-commerce platform for the company WGO. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Emark [2022]

I worked on web design for Emerak Analytics, focusing on creating their dedicated hiring portal for internal recruitment purposes. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Tempest - draft [2021]

I crafted the redesign for the Tempest website. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Sewa [2022]

I designed Sewa's logo and brand identity, extending my work to include the creation of their website. To enhance user experience, I implemented interactive elements, making the website more engaging. Created in agency daren & curtis.


Hero Cycles B2B -Draft [2022]

I designed a website specializing in bicycles and e-bikes. Created in agency daren & curtis.

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